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I admit that starting a beauty salon business was not very easy for me; I underwent a lot of trials and financial problems along the way, but I was able to manage and make great solutions just to continue and improve what I want to for my business interest. I love this business, and I was before said to be one of the aspirants of beauty makeovers. I love fashionable and trendy hairstyles and facial makeup. The looks matter for me that is why I have to site ways on how to improve this business that I want and to remain successful for my near future too.

One of the lists that I take note first in the dos in this business is to be particular with my knowledge about beauty and how idealistic am I transforming one’s face and looks into something different more beautiful than before. I know that customers would criticize and ask questions about what looks that will make them beautiful and would fit them. These questions should be answered, and I must be prepared for it and yes I am. In my salon, I provide facilities that should be suitable for the treatment that I am going to provide, I am very sensitive with what facilities and beauty supplies to choose in the store, because here lies the great change of my customers and here lies the career of business. This should be given much of attention because if I mishandled something, this would gain big problem and hassle, or it could consume much of my time too. I also need to assure that the environment that I stay is clean and pleasant, it should be welcoming and have relaxing ambiance for those who will come and visit my salon. This can make a difference in my moods and the feelings of my customers who will come.

Since I made one life change and transformed myself to become a better individual, I also am reassured of the provided customer services. I always make sure that my customers are satisfied, and they feel content with what my salon and I have given them and that they have good pay and give us their happy thoughts of how fascinated they are with what I have prepared for them. I make sure that I listen, give suggestions, and always open to what they want to be, be more considerate with their attitudes and be patient to them, besides this experience will help me to improve more, and I will perform better the next time. Mistakes are unpredictable, I prepare for it, and since this is a very sensitive type of business venture I learn to face complaints and negative feedbacks from people. I have to reassure them to be guaranteed in legal terms and conditions that I implement.

These Do’s that I have for my business helps me and my business to continue and go on with it. Because of these my valued customers always return and go out in my salon with a happy and contented life.