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I love beauty makeovers; I was fascinated in different fashion hair style and makeup and I love to have a perfect picture of faces and personality, the whole physical aspect of it, and this is a good start for me to try something that will make my curiosity and interests come true, make my dream to become one of the famous beauty specialist and salon businessman that will change people’s lives and their future and outlook. Everything will lie into my hands and creativity.

The best time to start a business is when I have developed my objective, and I have goals to achieve success and become profitable. Now that salon business becomes in demand in society, I have to analyze carefully on how to make it boom in the crowd and how it becomes a number 1 recommendation. I become analytical and smart enough to every investment on what is needed in the salon facility. I have to create an organized plan and lists down the priorities.


The first thing that I have to set in my mind is, whether I am really committed to start this business venture, this helps me to decide well. I have knowledge, much better also that I have to sort out more ideas and information to known beauty salon business and try a unique ideas on my own way and don’t copy. It is also important that I have to be idealistic and extensive on how to handle customers and how I make them appreciate and satisfied with the service I provide to them. Location of a beauty salon is also very relevant to take note, because if my businesses have an accessible location many would love to visit and get in touch with me when I provide them with this customers parking area or pleasant environment. I also need to bear an attitude that would entice my customers to come back or return in no time. Gain friendship or being sociable would not make my customers feels bored or sleepy while they experience beauty rejuvenating.  Another point to make my beauty salon booms in the crowd is, I have to be particular with the treatment products or chemicals and other amenities that I am going to provide for my customers, my number 1 concern should be their health welfare. It should be secured safe and harmless or else, I might end up getting some negative feedbacks instead of positive recommendations. Value my customers, treat them like my family, friends and or my best pals, this is a best idea that I can do for my salon business to be called warmth and friendly beauty salon in the city.

Starting a salon business is not easy since I was able to start it in 2 years, I might receive negative or positive feedbacks, but then it would not be a hindrance because I have the determination and I want to pursue my dreams and interest to become a successful beauty salon owner.